The Advantages of BlackBerry Insurance

By | March 17, 2019

It’s probably fair to say that BlackBerry insurance isn’t quite as exciting a subject as the BlackBerry itself.

Understandable as that may be, if your BlackBerry is stolen or damaged then you may suddenly wish that you had been a little more interested in the insurance side originally!

What types of insurance are available?

Some insurers offer specialized gadget insurance protection for a whole range of modern-day devices. That may cover things such as cameras, PDAs, laptops, iPhones and, of course, the BlackBerry.

What the insurance covers may vary depending upon the exact nature of the device you’re trying to insure.

Typically, for the BlackBerry, the gadget insurance cover will provide insurance for:

– theft;
– loss;
– accidental damage and;
– breakdown outside of manufacturer’s warranty period.

Are there any other benefits?

That depends upon the insurance provider you’re using but in some cases you may find:

– free data backup facilities;
– guaranteed replacement of the item after claim approval within typically 48 hours.

These sorts of additional benefits may prove very useful as a way of minimizing the logistical inconvenience of being without your BlackBerry.

What are the conditions of BlackBerry insurance?

All insurance policies have terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations that the potential purchaser would be well advised to read.

In the case of the BlackBerry, they may include an excess (an excess is the amount you have to pay in the event of making a successful claim), an obligation to inform the police in the case of theft, and not leaving your device unattended.

Some companies may insist that if left in your car, the BlackBerry is secured in the boot or other lockable compartment and out of sight. You may be required to show forced entry to the compartment concerned in the event of a claim for theft.

These may all be seen as common sense and not hugely demanding. Note that if the theft is from your home or any other premises, you once again may be obliged to confirm that the event involved a forced entry.

Is it value for money?

No third party can answer that question for you because it depends upon your expectations, lifestyle and financial situation.

What is clear is that without BlackBerry insurance (and subject to meeting the policy terms and conditions), you’ll have to meet the cost of replacement yourself, should the worst happen. Is that something you’re willing to risk?

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