Do You Need iPad Insurance?

By | March 29, 2019

The chances are that if you are proud of your iPad, someone else is eying it up too. It’s a sad fact of life that thieves may be out to get your iPad. However, at least if you have iPad insurance, you may be able to get a replacement should yours be stolen.

Some insurers may insist that iPads are locked away securely when they are unattended, to protect them from theft. If your insurer does specify this on their policy then this may something to be careful about doing. After all, not only would the practice protect your right to claim for theft but it may also me a good habit to get into from a security perspective.

Non theft claims

No matter how careful you are, your iPad may always be at risk from other people. But have you considered that the most dangerous person to be around your iPad may be you?

Accidental damage may typically be caused by a manner of things, but some insurers even offer iPad insurance for damage caused by liquids. Suddenly that glass of water on your desk does not look so innocuous!

Other things that may be included in your iPad insurance may include breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Within that initial period, if your phone breaks down the manufacturer may be the person to turn to. But when that period has expired, who do you ask to assist you with repairs to this highly technical piece of kit? And perhaps more importantly, how do you pay for those repairs?

Other things to consider

Do you intend to take your iPad abroad? Or do you intend to? If so, you may wish pause to make sure that your insurance is worldwide in application. Otherwise you may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having a broken or stolen gadget in a foreign country with no idea about what to do with it.

How long could you manage without your iPad? When this type of technology first comes out, you may consider it to be an optional extra. However, when you have become used to using your iPad several times a day, it may become an essential tool for your everyday life.

Accordingly, you may wish to check how quickly an insurer may be able to replace your gadget under your iPad insurance. If you cannot do without one for more than 48 hours, this may be a deal breaker when you are deciding between policies.

Finally, do note that as with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply to your iPad insurance and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

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