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By | March 28, 2019

The fact is that in near future iPhone will be considered as a groundbreaking product that many other manufacturers would like to copy. It is highly advanced than any other phone or hand held gadget for communication available in the world. Highly advanced iPhone technology means it is quite an expensive item.And because they are expensive:

iPhone owners will be careful of their valuable possession
People who do not have one will envy your iPhone
Robers will target the iPhone
In this context, you may think that many iPhone insurance policies should be available. Unfortunately it is not so. One of the options is; to add to the household insurance. It may work but has 3 drawbacks as follows:

Household insurance policies have a higher excess, up to £150 or more. In case you make a claim for your iPhone on your house insurance, the premium can cost more the next year. How long can you go without your iPhone? The claim process takes a long time for your house insurance. People cannot wait for weeks for replacement of their iPhones. Therefore is would be practical to consult an insurance specialist to insure your iPhone.

This brings us to the question – What iPhone insurance companies are there, that protects your iPhone with a reasonable cover yet proves economical?

Let’s find out what ‘economical’ is:

You can get an official iPhone is only on the network of O2. An unofficial one too can be bought, which is unlocked, to make it work on other networks, but let’s see the official scenario. The costs are £250 for the handset, plus there is a 2 year contract at £40 to £60 per month.

If your iPhone is lost after 6 months from buying it, then as per contract you still have to pay every month for the next 1.5 year. So, 18 months at the rate of £35 per month comes to £630 irrespective of whether you got the handset replaced or not. Besides, there is replacement cost involved too which can be about £600. Therefore, an insurance that gets you a replacement for an amount less than £600 is economical.

iPhone robbery is an obvious possibility, but how to protect yourself if you just lose it? Or gets damaged? Will you require a cover while traveling abroad? Do you want extended warranty? Consider all these before buying this expensive gadget.

Whatever you may consider one thing is quite apparent – once own an iPhone and begin to realize what a great product it is, you will definitely protect it with an insurance that will protect you and your iPhone economically. Find out the economical solution from an instant online iPhone insurance company.

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